Q-Diary is a diary and a little bit more. Most diaries are by their nature full of personal information but with Q-Diary you can further personalise that personal information by adding colours and 'mood' icons (like emoticons). Which means some really personal information.

The idea is that by adding colours that correspond with the importance, emotional significance and category of the information users will be able to see very quickly what kinds of appointments and meetings are upcoming. Combined with this are the usual options of adding 'titles' and 'subjects' but there is currently no quick search of dates by mood icon. However, this is a beta version and the developer recognises the need for improvements. So rest assured.

Colourful diary with personalised mood icons

Q-Diary is a simple diary/journal app with date & time. It stands for "Quick Diary". New thing here is that 2 icons can be assigned to each entry. One for the Category of the entry, while the other is for its Mood (happy, sad, excited,...etc). A dedicated iconset is supplied.

The point is making each entry as descriptive and categorized as possible just by looking at the list table. I thought this would be better than the usual text categorization. Also, it looks better and the Mood icons would suit such diary entries well.

May be sometime in the future filtering entries by icon will be possible. For now, entries can be 'marked' and will be shown only when you check the little box above the list table. This would make you able to put special/important entries aside.

Extra Features:

  • Jump to a random record.
  • Jump to Memos (Memopad) application.
  • Beam records to another Palm OS machine with Q-Diary.
  • Print records (requires Print module installed).
  • Choose background color of alternate rows in table.

Known issues:

  • Flickers on browsing; most noticeable on slower machines and on the HiRes+ setting.
  • Changing date of record does not re-sort the record according to such date.

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Q-Diary Beta 1.0

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